Reasons to End Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time (DST) gained worldwide popularity when the Germans implemented it in 1916. The objective of DST is to allow people to have more time for their day time and nighttime activities. By resetting time an hour earlier in the morning than the original time, people are able to get off their jobs earlier. The extra hour of daylight in the afternoon gives them the opportunity to do other things.  It is supposed to improve the profitability of businesses, increase productivity of workers, and provide more bonding time for families and even save household consumption of energy since it is designed to encourage people to go out more often.

The intentions of DST are certainly commendable. These days, however, many people are campaigning to end daylight saving time.  They feel it is not really helpful. On the contrary it has negative effects on productivity and health of people. This observation is backed up by various studies that say DST is messing up body clocks which render people less effective at work. Other findings are even more dismaying.  People’s bodies take a long time to adjust during times when time is switched to its original setting. The result is people who go around disoriented and confused.

There are other reasons why the campaign to end day light saving time is gaining headway.  Many states are spending more money for road safety during the dark early morning hours. The disorientation is making people more vulnerable to road accidents. The savings in household energy consumption that people enjoyed in the past has largely evaporated. With computers, the internet and a variety of entertainment appliances many people are choosing  to stay at home after office hours. Instead of savings, DST is now increasing energy consumption.  Make sure to click here to know more!

The most telling argument against the continued implementation of DST is its negative impact on people’s health.  There are several studies that connect illnesses such as depression, anxiety and sleeping disorders to DST. These conditions are frequently observed immediately after time is switched to normal or standard time. be sure to learn more here!

DST may have been useful when it was conceptualized and implemented. The conditions now are entirely different, eliminating the usefulness of DST.  If you feel DST is now outdated and more inconvenience than help, you can join the campaign to end day light savings time. There is no gain to messing up one’s body clock. You can also watch this video at for more facts about daylight saving.


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